Symmetrical Clutter with a Hint of Color


NYC_018New York City.  How does one describe such a giant space with so much going on? Simple, The Big Apple.  It’s sweet and looks enticing, delicious for a dirty desire, and always searching for the core.  You want it all right? I mean you can’t just eat half an apple!  Once that delicious apple is in your hands, you crave the whole damn thing.  This was exactly my experience while visiting a small section of NYC.  Staying within a tiny radius I felt a little trapped.  Looking up to the sky was my only escape.  Imagine a kids dream of going to the biggest toy store in he world, like FAO Schwarz.  The kid gets to FAO toy store but the doors are locked.  All the kid can do is look through the window of the first floor…talk about torture!!! Well, this is how I felt as a photographer in NYC trapped in a hotel only able to explore within a few blocks.  This city is like a photographers dream of constant motion, symmetry, color and my favorite, contrast.  The few shots I took while I was there is my interpretation of how I saw this city: black & white with a splash of color.  The black and white represents the structural clutter and feeling of being trapped while the color is a release for space and air to breathe.  

New York City has endless opportunities for any type of photographer with any style.  I hope you like mine. 

NYC_collagePhotography by: Laura Goutcher © 2014
Hotel: The Peninsula New York City / instagram @THEPENINSULANYC




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