Earth Welcomes the Ell-Myster

A New Year’s baby born on January 3, 2015, named: The Ell-Myster.                                  Also known as ElliAnn Reese VanHouten.

Nickname: Elli ♥

Parents: Josh & Jessica

Sibling: Cayden (out of town on picture day Ö)

With a zodiac sign of Capricorn this awesome little lady is going to be quite the go-getter.  When born on January 3rd, you do not like to fail and strive to never give up! Go Elli Go! 
Strengths: Trustworthiness and devoted attitude towards the welfare of others. 
Weaknesses: Tendency to stubbornness and occasional refusal to listen to the views of others. (Sorry Josh & Jessica)  Elli can also look forward to being able to love & express her individuality and put a personal stamp on her attire and the decor of her home. (Watch out Jessica your daughter is going to re-decorate) 

This little girl is no doubt loved and will have an awesome life to look forward to!

Published by Laura Goutcher

"Whether you think you can or can't, you're right." ~Henry Ford

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