Don’t Be Jelly of My Jelly

These Jellyfish pictures were not taken in the ocean so no need to be jelly, anyone can take these beautiful pics.  The Aquarium of The Pacific located in Long Beach, CA. has a large section for jellyfish.  Jellyfish always seem to be the popular subject in the aquarium and sea life. Maybe because they don’t have brains but are put on display for us to shut our brains off for a brief moment. Is beauty the reason we are staring? Or are we just really jealous…?

In today’s society, social media promotes vanity, selfies, and popularity. The Kardashian family seems to be the role models that young people look up to and actually want to be. Is it because of their good looks and millions of likes? Because if that’s the case these youngsters should actually be wishing to be a jellyfish, and here’s why.  A certain type of jellyfish can be immortal. Changing its cells transforming from adult to baby and back again, forever. Sort of like Benjamin Button; a sexy adult Brad Pitt to a younger hotter Brad Pitt, but for eternity! I doubt Kim Kardashian can pull off an eternity of plastic surgery. Maybe till she’s 74, but definately not an eternity.

The beauty of a jellyfish is no wonder to a humans eye.  Imagine being a jellyfish and everyone is starring at you saying, “Oh my hell it’s so beautiful.” Then as you float around, being all beautiful and graceful in the ocean, you realize you have the power of stinging anything that pisses you off.  Your boss says something in a passive aggressive snarling way, ZAP!  Your significant other looks at another chick, or muscle beach body, ZAP! “Sorry honey the wind blew my tentacles.”  Better yet, you have an encounter with a stupid person that has no respect for others, ZAPPITY ZAP ZAP.  The control is limitless.  Not to mention your instagram would get millions of likes because everyone loves a jellyfish that zaps stupid people.

Although the size of a jellyfish is small, their poisonous tenticals make them the perfect warrior. With all the controversy of changing Native American mascots, you just can’t go wrong with a Jellyfish as a mascot. The combination of gorgeous bright colors with the power to paralyze its opponent, makes it the perfect creature for battle. Sounds like a new age mascot this country is looking for.  Just imagine the cheerleader uniforms, see-through neon. It’s America, we gotta keep it sexy.

Maybe in your next life you will be lucky enough to be a boneless, brainless, but beautiful jellyfish. Or you can dress in a cheerleader jellyfish skirt in support of the Washington Jellyfish. Either way, you will be jellied by others.

Jelly_Fish_001 Jelly_Fish_002 Jelly_Fish_003 Jelly_Fish_004 Jelly_Fish_005 Jelly_Fish_006

Published by Laura Goutcher

"Whether you think you can or can't, you're right." ~Henry Ford

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