Fashion and Family

Pi_Family_008It’s that time of year for family Christmas photos to send to everyone you know so you can brag about how gorgeous your family is.  I’m hoping that was the Pi Family’s intentions because they nailed it.  A hot day in November on a Sunday at the pier was probably not the best day to get beach photos.  But with a little photoshop and patients, the Pi Family owned this beach.  They really did it right with their own beautiful beach fashion, and being open to a different type of family portraits.  Baby Carlota enjoyed her first time on the sandy beach, for the most part.  She figured out very quickly that sand doesn’t taste very good.  Mother, Andrea Pi-Henderson, knows her stuff when it comes to fashion and looking great! Her fashion blog, With Love…Andrea, says it all and shows ways to look your best with your baby.  And Father, Joan Pi Anfruns, was such a great sport after being sick that morning.  You’d never know right!

A great shoot, a gorgeous family, and perfect weather. Life is good folks!


Published by Laura Goutcher

"Whether you think you can or can't, you're right." ~Henry Ford

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