A Superpower Black Tie Event

Black_White_Lee_Family_023The Lee family has been taking professional family pictures since before they were a squad of 5…we won’t say “Party of Five” since the parents were not killed in a drunk driver car accident like the 90’s TV show.  So we’ll say squad of 5 since they all basically have their own superpowers. When you have photogenic children like the Lee family then photo sessions are a big part of your life. In their home they proudly display large framed prints of their past photo sessions over the years, mostly in black and white.  So even though the session can be set for beautiful color and bright sunlight, you can never go wrong with turning the photo black and white. Hannah, mother of the kids and baby mama to Jeremy, wanted this event to be black tie only.  Black and white matching attire for the whole family which made it a very classy look for very classy people.  Who says you can’t have some personality while dressed fancy.  Together, with the powers of the Lee family and myself, we made a memory and the expensive attire worth it.


Mom (Hannah) –  See-Through Vision that can also see approximately 2 minutes into the future

Jenna – After eating any type of seed she can grow taller than adults

Zyannah – Makes a perfect Blue Steel pose in a millisecond

Malachi – Can blow up buildings with his spiderman fingers

Dad (Jeremy) – Patience…enough said

Photographer (Me/Laura) – I took the lens cap off

Pictures taken at the ASU campus right outside of Hannah’s office on November 29, 2015.

Published by Laura Goutcher

"Whether you think you can or can't, you're right." ~Henry Ford

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