Miracle Morgan

“Seeing her be adventurous and confident in her walking is inspiring,”says mother Shelley.

Morgan walking while mommy proudly watches.
Morgan walking while mommy proudly watches.

This little adventurist is a miracle baby now walking at one years old.  Shortly after birth Morgan’s spleen ruptured needing a full splenectomy.  “She nearly died days after her birth,” explained Shelley.

Shelley and her husband knew there was something wrong with their newborn and took the appropriate calm action to eventually save her life.  Doctors and nurses treating Morgan were stumped and had never experienced this in a child before.  She was flown to a specialist to perform surgery immediately.  After getting her spleen removed her condition means her body can’t fight bacteria and germs that babies with a spleen can adequately fight.  Morgan can become very ill very fast and her mother monitors her surroundings and her interactions with people.  Simple touches from a sick person could send her into severe distress.

Most new mothers have the fear of exposing their babies to anything and sometimes everything.  In their case Shelley is not afraid to expose her child to life and keep her in a bubble.  She simply asks the appropriate questions without being overbearing and explaining her situation to every person.  She makes an educated decision for the health of her child in hopes that Morgan will continue to discover life just as any other child. “She is quite a miracle and having her means the world to us.  We are just thankful to have her,” said Shelley.

Morgan and Bear at tree
Exploring her world
Adventure time in the forest
Her world is full of adventures

Photos taken at Triunfo Community Park in Westlake Village, CA. on Jan 15, 2016.

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