Park City, Utah

Park City Utah_001
The Town Lift view of Park City, Utah.

Park City, Utah in the winter of 2015, ringing in the New Year of 2016. You may need to bundle up while viewing these snowy sights. During this trip I wore 4 layers while skiing on the mountain.  No matter how many layers I wore my feet were always frozen.  I did sweat a bit while I was hiking during most of these pictures but I’d rather sweat than shiver to burn some extra calories. The beauty of nature never gets old and I can’t wait to go back in the very near future!

Park City Utah_002
Blue House with icicles reaching the floor!
Park City Utah_003
Snow caps the tree branches with a golden sun kissing the sky.
Park City Utah_004
Aspen Trees covered the mountains
Park City Utah_005
Cattle in the open land on the I-15 Freeway in Utah
Park City Utah_006
Deer Valley slopes next to Park City
Park City Utah_007
Downtown Park City walk
Park City Utah_008
View of the streets and homes from downtown Park City
Park City Utah_009
Deep snow with snow tracks of wildlife nearby.
Park City Utah_010
Sunny with a dash of snow
Park City Utah_011
Ice, snow, and freezing water
Park City Utah_012
Ski rack next to the Town Lift in downtown Park City
Park City Utah_013
Skiers and snowboarders enjoy the smooth downhill trails of Park City Ski Resort
Park City Utah_014
A skier zooms by this beautiful home at Town Lift. Ben’s dream home.
Park City Utah_015
Icicles and snow on a house in downtown Park City
Park City Utah_016
Ski Fence packed with snow
Park City Utah_017
Hiking up the mountain to gain access to this beauty
Park City Utah_018
Skiers waiting to tear up the mountain on a ski lift.
Park City Utah_019
Skiers Road Cross
Park City Utah_020
Overview of Park City, Utah
Park City Utah_021
Outside of Park City on the I-15 Freeway
Park City Utah_022
Rocky and snowy mountains
Park City Utah_023
Park City in the winter of 2016
Park City Utah_024
Mountains outside of Park City on the Freeway I-15
Bansky in the winter of downtown Park City, UT


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