Sophia’s Buddies Fundraiser Video

Hello Friends! I’ve created this fundraising video for Sophia’s Buddies since I can’t make it to the race this year.   The Nautica Malibu Triathlon is a fundraising event for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.  All the money made for this event goes to research for pediatric cancer for a cure.

Sophia’s Buddies is a non-profit foundation that has brought 9 families together that share a common goal: Find a Cure for Pediatric Cancer.  Throughout the year they do fundraisers, blood drives, 5-10k races, and the Malibu Triathlon.  100% of the money raised by Sophia’s Buddies goes to CHLA.  Each family that is a part of Sophia’s Buddies has a child with childhood cancer.  Six of the children are Angels and 3 are Warriors, still fighting their battle.  We hope this video will help spread awareness that kids get cancer too.

Coming together as a team and participating in a triathlon is not only an amazing experience but it’s very emotional as well.  Waking up at 3:00am to drive to the coast, wait in traffic, park and walk a mile in the dark, wait again for the beginning announcements, gather your gear to be ready, wait again for your wave to start, then wait again for your partner to finish the swim, then it’s suddenly your turn to be active and you have cotton mouth from being so nervous.  It’s a day filled with every emotion you can think of; physically and mentally. During the bike as you see another person with your team shirt on you suddenly get pumped and feel like you are not alone.  Especially while you are going up those steep hills and you go through thoughts of giving up and walking.  Then as you are on the run in 90 degree weather you see a team member and high five them on the way.  Why do we high-five? It’s not just because we are on the same team and supporting each other, it’s because we personally know a child that has fought the worst fight or is still fighting.  The high-five represents the support of their personal struggle.

The sense of community has never been so rewarding as a member of Team Sophia in Sophia’s Buddies.  I honor Sophia, all the kids I’ve met along the way, and the kids that their parents have shared their story with me.

Help us reach our goal of $50,000 for Sophia’s Buddies which include:

(Click on their name to read their story)

Team Sophia

Team Hans

Team Marisa

Team Dave

Team Malachi

Team Baliey

Team Lilly

Team Ethan

Team Valentina

Click DONATE and be a part of the beautiful cause to find a cure for our beautiful kids.

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