Cupcake Pizza


Cupcakes and Pizza, the 2 best types of food now combined! Easy to eat, less grease, and believe it or not the pizza dough is gluten-free! Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Pizza Crust Mix makes gluten-free cooking easy only following a few simple steps.  The results of the dough are not only stunning, but super tasty.

It makes the perfect meal on a nice summer day by the pool.  Pair it with a Killian’s Red Beer and side dishes like olives and grape tomatoes.  For those that are gluten-free I always recommend a light Cider.

Follow the pictures steps below in creating the cupcake pizza dough and your choice of toppings. (Recipe is after pictures) Happy cooking and even happier eating.

Cupcake Pizza Recipe
1 package of pizza dough (follow instructions as directed on package)
roll out dough, grease cupcake pan, cut dough into small squares and place into cupcake tray, lightly oil each cupcake dough, then bake dough as directed.
Pizza sauce
toppings of your choice
lightly spread sauce on each cupcake dough after baking, add cheese & toppings as desired. lightly top with spray oil and finish baking as directed for dough.
let cool enough to remove each cupcake pizza and enjoy!






recipe created by: ©Ben Barrow
Photography created by: ©Laura Goutcher

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