How to get your husband to say: Yes to the Dress!

In a world of creativity and budgeting it’s hard to find a balance of a woman’s wants and needs.  Things you do and things you never let happen. Dress, in this title, is a metaphor for a husband saying yes to something you are asking for that he doesn’t give a shit about.
One of those millions of things he does not give two shits about is pictures, which is what we are going to address today.
Your husband doesn’t care about pictures and never will. YOU are in charge to make the memories. I’ve never had a male client call me to get pictures of his family. They will never come up with the idea, and that idea will never entice them to think differently. They will never search for a specific photographer from a picture they liked on Pinterest and call to schedule. Can you imagine this scene for a minute? Imagine your husband doing this, it’s hilarious.
“Oh Hi I’m calling because I’m interested in getting family photos done for my family. I was scrolling through Pinterest and saw this unique family photo and thought man I want that of my family.”
HAHAHAHA-never. I repeat, never will your husband ever do this.
It’s us ladies that create these creative beautiful moments because we are the ones that are thinking this way.
Do you ever find yourself threatening your husband to be in the picture and freaking look happy? Men hate picture day, men hate the event all together. They want it to literally take 1 minute.  I’ll snap one photo and the guy will say, “Did you get it? Are we done?” Literally that is what they are saying.  If men were the deciding factor your awkward school picture is all you’d have as a memory.
You are the only hope your family has to make those beautiful children of yours captured in time for your family history. Look at the pictures of us as kids…we were most likely in a JC Penny’s studio with overalls, buck teeth, and frizzed out unfixed hair with a super fake smile. Kids are not like that these days, and a school picture should not be the only thing that represents what your child looked like at that age. Today we have much better options!
Lifestyle photo sessions capture moments, love, sometimes disaster, funny silly things they do, and most important their personalities that make them who they are! REALITY. Pictures aren’t cheesy anymore, they are fun with great quality to hang it on your wall in your home! A professional can capture views of yourself that no cell phone camera could do.
Let’s face it, your kids are going to hate your guts at one point in their lives-everyone has done it, you’re no different. NOW is the time to get in that picture WITH them while they still want to kiss you, squeeze you, never let go of your leg, and before they start talking back to you.
What happens when you bring up the idea to your husband about getting pictures done, what is his response? Let me guess…
“No-I’m busy.”
“It’s too expensive-we can’t afford it”
“We can just have a friend take them.”
“I can just take them.”
“Do I have to be in them?”
These responses are normal. But there is a way to have it your way, and to get your husband to say those words you’d love to hear, YES.
So how do you get your husband to get on board with you? “Why can’t it just be easy for my husband to just say yes, I say yes to him all the time.”  That might be a thought crossing your mind, then you get angry and it turns into a threat and a fight.  The best way to approach the idea of hiring a photographer is when you’re having a rough day. It’s a classic kid move but it totally works. Here’s what you do.
Make yourself a victim for an entire day. Things just aren’t going well for you-but be sure it relates nothing to him, or the kids-only your day.  Here are some examples that might “come up.”
“I dropped an entire bottle of milk on my foot and wasted the whole thing…now my foot hurts and we’re out of milk.” Then it snowballs from there.
“My boss yelled at me today for no reason and my lunch was thrown out at work so I couldn’t eat all day.” Then you make up more…little things that are just unfair and annoying. You get sad-not mad, sad. Life is handing you the unfair card today. You know how to play this game because these days have actually happened to you. You just need to pretend on this day to get something you want.
You could even go with the whole sick thing and say your day is going bad because you don’t feel well.  Bottom line is play the sick card like that 8 year old kid you once were faking it to get out of going to school. Talk to your husband throughout the day and let him know you’re getting a raw deal. The key is to not be angry about it though, be sad and extremely vulnerable. They will find the need to be there for you and they know it’s not their fault. He’ll then see you in person all distraught and you must give him your sad face. Practice it in the mirror before you see him-make it real! By then he should be comforting you and offering to make it better. That’s when you let him start volunteering to help out with something around the house. Then while he’s doing that favor you come in to help him and start the conversation about getting pictures done.  You can say something like this…
“You know after having such a tough day I really got to thinking. There will always be days like this but at least I have you, and the kids. That makes all these little annoyances a memory to forget. Life is short honey and I want to remember the good things we have in this moment. You, the kids. Our family.  Let’s get professional pictures done of our happy times together so days like this will remind us of the good things in life.”
SOLD. He then says YES, to the dress (pictures).

Published by Laura Goutcher

"Whether you think you can or can't, you're right." ~Henry Ford

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