Holiday Cards

Dear LG Fans,

How many of you actually got your Christmas/Holiday cards made-signed-and sent out before the big day this year? What a hassle it is every year, and we forget to plan ahead, every year. All people seem to care about is showing off their family to everyone. They are literally pretending that they have all their shit together by posing for a beautiful family annual Christmas card photo.  A Christmas card photo only says so much at this point – oh, your kids are older and it makes everyone feel OLD. I get it though, it’s a tangible item that has been forgotten in the digital world of photography, so with that I appreciate the Christmas card photo. Should this be a cheap item or should this be a product that is of high quality? What should the value of a Christmas card photo be, or what is it worth? In the end, it’s just another photo. But what if it’s a photo that included your parents in them…and the following year they were no longer alive. This would then be a photo that has become iconic to your family tree for generations to come. Why-because it was their last family photo, and it’s the last memory you have of them that you will try to keep with you forever. Family portraits are part of our family history, so with that being said, ask yourself this – what is the value worth of my family? Some people would say, priceless. Some would say $5 bucks, ha-ha! After all, everyone has a camera right? Getting your family portraits taken is an event, and your family is not only creating a memory but also a story. Whether you put it in a Christmas card or not, you are making history…so don’t procrastinate and defiantly don’t stress out about it.  Plan ahead and don’t devalue your family history.

My favorite thing about creating family Holiday Cards, the LOVE!












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"Whether you think you can or can't, you're right." ~Henry Ford

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