Family from Afar

Dear LG Fans,

Most of us have family that don’t live near us. In fact, some of experience having family from a State away, across the country, or even overseas! Being away from family can be tough as we have all had experience with this. Getting together is important and sending out those family photos has become as important as a visit. The photos are the only thing that connect our families as they grow up, change, and evolve into awesome humans! Meeting in person is a far different experience, but is a necessity when you want to get to know someone for who they really are.  There’s also a good sense of support when you see a person face-to-face, rather than just in a photo or on a screen. We all need support after-all, this world can be scary alone. But with our never-ending busy schedules meeting as often as we want is not always an option, therefore your updated photos can bring a sense of reality to the situation. A photo can make the moment seem real, “I hear her cute little laugh in this picture.” Then your memory floods with sounds, sights, and actions that you had with this person.  What a cool experience to have, right? The Pi-Henderson family can understand this as Joan’s family is in Spain, and Andrea’s family is in Canada. Carlotta is one lucky American girl, and world-wide family traveler!

My favorite thing about this session, the Pajama’s!












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