DAD’s buy this for your wife

Mother’s Day special

For a limited time only this Mother’s Day Special is the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Why? Because flowers die, chocolate gets eaten, and memories last forever.

No need to drag Dad into the picture and include him in another crazy scheduled activity. DAD it’s your time to offer this deal to MOM! I know you’re thinking Dad should be in the pictures, but that’s what Christmas cards are for.

No more excuses about how you can’t schedule Dad into the pictures! Your kids grow up fast and you need portraits of them before they are all grown up!

Offering 30 minute mini session for Mother’s and kids – or kids only. Call today to schedule! Weekend dates are available and weekday mornings. Make this year’s Mother’s Day a forever keepsake!

*This offer is not for a full family session.  Mother’s and kids or kids only. If you would like to include the whole family the price is $450. This is a special for Mother’s Day not for full family sessions. Many Mother’s express to me how hard it is to get their family portraits because Dad is always busy. Most of the time they miss the opportunity because they are just too busy.  This is for Dad’s to buy the special deal and not feel guilty about missing out on the family portraits or having to wait another year. Kids change and grow up in the blink of an eye. If you want your whole family in the pictures I offer family sessions for $450. If you are one of those families that would like to take advantage of the Mother’s Day deal then this is for you. Get your husband to buy you the best gift – or Dad, surprise your wife and get the kids portraits done without her knowing. The pictures can be delivered to her on Mother’s Day! How special will that be?! Call today to schedule an appointment!


Published by Laura Goutcher

"Whether you think you can or can't, you're right." ~Henry Ford

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