New Year’s Eve in New York City Times Square

This year I was not one of the 22% of people that fall asleep before midnight on New Year’s Eve.  I was one of the 1 million + people that was in Times Square New York, watching the ball drop.

No, we did not wait in line.  No, we did not have to suffer in the freezing cold weather all day and night.


Yes, we had great connections with even greater company.  Yes, we had access to the streets an average person couldn’t get.

Our friends we met at a wedding invited us to join them on New Year’s Eve in Times Square for an exclusive look at the ball dropping at midnight. Making their own connections to get us in with them, we made it through and had front row seats to a rare occasion. Their stay at the Casablanca Hotel offered a high end 5-course dinner, the 2nd floor pre-party, and then the rooftop access to watch the ball drop at midnight.  We stopped by a Brewery within the barricades of exclusive access and got served right away in a nearly empty restaurant instead of forking up $1,000 for a fancy dinner. My fiance and I then walked to the Rockefeller Center while our friends were enjoying the 5-course dining experience and enjoyed the scene.

We then met with our friends for some toasting in their room and then on the 2nd floor pre-party! Complimentary drinks, dancing, music, and a lively audience made this anticipation for the ball drop even more enjoyable. 

During the waiting of midnight hotel guests were allowed access right under the ball in the streets of Times Square.  We stood in front of the millions of people that waited all day to stand in line and took pictures and danced in the empty street.

While enjoying our view a group of people were dressed in their black tie attire taking pictures as we were.  I glanced over and noticed a man kneeling down on one knee. Just getting engaged a few days before that I knew what was happening and I immediately turned my camera on them. The couple from Texas was truly grateful to have gotten their true reaction of the Times Square proposal on camera from a perspective other than their friends and family filming it all.

As the night went on the time had finally come for us to head up to the rooftop and countdown to the New Year. Our view was spectacular! I felt like my camera wasn’t getting the real feel of what we were seeing in real life. I tried to soak in as much as I could and capture something we would remember for a lifetime together. The countdown began…Five, Four, Three, Two, One…Happy New Year! Everyone kissed and the confetti was released. When I say confetti I mean confetti, like billions and trillions of confetti released in the open land of Times Square. The confetti alone was why I thought it would be worth it to stay up all day and all night in the freezing cold. But I didn’t have to haha.

As we got back to our hotel one of the couples from the black tie party was telling us their story.  She was holding up a large piece of confetti with writing on it. She proceeded to say that her mother found a website that you could submit your New Year’s wish to have written on confetti. They arranged for the confetti with all the wishes to fall when the ball dropped in Times Square. It said that over two tons of confetti would be dropped at midnight.  After being on the roof they went to the ground floor outside and were playing in the confetti and throwing it up in the air.  Her fiance looked down and saw the littlest piece of confetti with writing on it that just happened to be her WISH!! Among a billion pieces of confetti, there was her confetti sitting there right in front of their feet. She even put a smiley face when she submitted it. The couple had gotten engaged on December 26th so naturally her wish really did come true, but to then find that piece of confetti she wrote in Times Square, I think that’s fate.

We were invited to this party by two new love birds, witnessed a love story proposal from one couple, and a confetti love bursting story from another couple, and we just got engaged ourselves! It was a love fest for sure, and a memory I will have forever. I am forever grateful for that. This will be a year to remember for a lifetime, and it started out great!




Published by Laura Goutcher

"Whether you think you can or can't, you're right." ~Henry Ford

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