About Me

H E L L O ! ! ! Thanks for stopping by – how is your day going?

I moved to California in 2011 from Arizona to pursue photography, and I will never look back. I love this state but most of all I love the people.  I earned my BS degree in Visual Journalism from Brooks Institute in 2013.  Throughout my journey I found the love of photographing candid moments in people’s lives that truly appreciate what a photograph can do for them.  I have a talent for video and video editing as well.  I can film, produce, direct, and edit all in one with high quality! I have created meaningful documentaries which have been published, and are still being used for awareness. “Like A Girl” is an example of one of my videos, and I will continue to follow this passion for as long as I can.

My satisfaction in this business is when my clients cry.  It’s no joke really. The meaningful memories I capture remind me that this just isn’t a job, it’s personal to someone.  The inspiration of being a part of loved ones memories and moments in their lives is what drives me to continue. I am all about living life to its fullest and doing what makes you happy with the ones you love!

It is important to document our lives as it is happening.  Life is short and our memories need something to pin-point our past.  The perfect thing for that resolution is a simple photograph. I want to be the one to help you capture those moments and keep them in your forever photo journal.


Things I like:

eating the food on my plate completely evenly till the last bite – watching a movie with a giant bowl of popcorn – listening to reggae on the warm sand – laughing so hard it’s like an ab workout – being the only person in Southern California with a stick shift vehicle – doing the robot and legitimately thinking I’m an actual robot – pretending I’m not good at poker and then taking the jackpot – talking in a little girl voice during a normal adult conversation – ballerina karate fighting with one leg at a party or in public – when I sing alone and I’m famous and amazing – ♥HAWAII♥

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