About Me

Hi I’m Laura! Thanks for dropping in to actually READ!

I wanted to do something crazy with my life so I packed my tiny Hyundai Accent, drove to Ventura, Calif., and attempted to school myself in Photography. I got myself a little Bachelor’s Degree and fell in love with Journalistic Photography. It’s a shame you can’t make a living doing this the way it was meant for, so I learned to take posed pictures but with the journalistic style…as a way of providing food and shelter the old Pioneer way. That’s where you come into this story I’m babbling about. You see, when you click that button that books a session, you’re not only helping to provide me with A/C and delicious won-tons in my belly, but you also get to keep a moment in time where you were younger, you wore just the right amount of make-up, your hair was perfectly done, and you absolutely nailed the outfit…finally. You nailed it!! That’s what it is really about, capturing you nailing it, but in a natural way that makes you look like your very best. Are you still reading this? I’m surprised, I know I wouldn’t. But good for you now you have two things to celebrate; your good looks and your growing brain cells.
Now follow my instructions: Click, Book a Date, Pay, Scroll through Pinterest for 2 weeks looking at outfit inspiration, get you and your family ready, breathe, be natural, and enjoy the moment.
And thanks in advance for the won-tons.


Things I like:

eating the food on my plate completely evenly till the last bite – watching a movie with a giant bowl of popcorn – listening to reggae on the warm sand – laughing so hard it’s like an ab workout – being the only person in Southern California with a stick shift vehicle – doing the robot and legitimately thinking I’m an actual robot – pretending I’m not good at poker and then taking the jackpot – talking in a little girl voice during a normal adult conversation – ballerina karate fighting with one leg at a party or in public – when I sing alone and I’m famous and amazing – ♥HAWAII♥

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