Eye of the Beholder

Dear LG Fans, Many of you experience something completely different than me during my photoshoots. I am experiencing something that I know is a good shoot and my job is to keep my composure and get it done yo. For some of clients, this is not what is going on in reality. In reality theirContinue reading “Eye of the Beholder”

Nice People = Loving my Job

Dear LG Fans, When you book a session with people you’ve never met you always hope for the best. With the Bradbury family I got just that and more! This family was so nice to me right away and more importantly, they were nice to each other! I can’t tell you how awkward it is toContinue reading “Nice People = Loving my Job”

Weathering California

California weather can be pretty predictable: Always Sunny.  Yet this winter has brought some rain and snow to parts of California that needed it most.  More than likely the weather here in California will stay sunny and warm through Spring. It is unlikely that El Nino will affect California or be as strong as predicted byContinue reading “Weathering California”

Fashion and Family

It’s that time of year for family Christmas photos to send to everyone you know so you can brag about how gorgeous your family is.  I’m hoping that was the Pi Family’s intentions because they nailed it.  A hot day in November on a Sunday at the pier was probably not the best day toContinue reading “Fashion and Family”

Raffle Winners ~ Photo-shoot

The Lewis Family were winners of the raffle drawing from Sophia’s Buddies raffle fundraiser to support Pediatric Cancer.  The photo-shoot included a 2 hour session on the beach, a $500+ value.  The family received a thumb drive of all the photos taken, a slideshow with music, and a photo book. Please click here to see slideshow and photo book. (viewContinue reading “Raffle Winners ~ Photo-shoot”