A comparison in 1 year – Mini Sessions

Last year I did over 100 family sessions in November, December, and January. I signed up for a marketing deal, sort of like Groupon. They set the price and take half the money of who signs up. After talking to the guy he convinced me that $49 was what all the other photographers have done.Continue reading “A comparison in 1 year – Mini Sessions”

River’s Beach Blast

♥ River at the Ocean for her 1st Birthday Beach Party ♥   ♥ Mommy and Baby – Daddy and Baby – Family   ♥ Friends and Extended Family and the party atmosphere!   ©Laura Goutcher Photography

Weathering California

California weather can be pretty predictable: Always Sunny.  Yet this winter has brought some rain and snow to parts of California that needed it most.  More than likely the weather here in California will stay sunny and warm through Spring. It is unlikely that El Nino will affect California or be as strong as predicted byContinue reading “Weathering California”

Malibu Cafe

One of the most relaxing places on Earth, Malibu Cafe, located in the beautiful mountains of Malibu, CA. A restaurant with lawn games, beautiful chic decor’, and perfect weather…what more could you ask for? The reason for going to Malibu Cafe is for the entertainment, relaxation, and privacy.  Drinking wine and getting an appetizer while playingContinue reading “Malibu Cafe”