A comparison in 1 year – Mini Sessions

Last year I did over 100 family sessions in November, December, and January. I signed up for a marketing deal, sort of like Groupon. They set the price and take half the money of who signs up. After talking to the guy he convinced me that $49 was what all the other photographers have done.Continue reading “A comparison in 1 year – Mini Sessions”

DAD’s buy this for your wife

Mother’s Day special For a limited time only this Mother’s Day Special is the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Why? Because flowers die, chocolate gets eaten, and memories last forever. No need to drag Dad into the picture and include him in another crazy scheduled activity. DAD it’s your time to offer this deal to MOM! IContinue reading “DAD’s buy this for your wife”

Bliss of an only child

Dear LG Fans, How many of you are an only child…or have an only child? There is one thing I’ve noticed about families with only one child and that is this – they are very well behaved! Seriously though they don’t act up and are more likely to listen to their parents than kids withContinue reading “Bliss of an only child”

That’s a Wrap!

Wrapping is known as one of the best ways to carry your baby around and run those errands. Wrapping is not only stylish, it’s also safe and convenient.  Melissa demonstrates the process of a wrap-style carrier for her 1 year old baby.  She sings to her and makes the wrapping a daily event to look forward to forContinue reading “That’s a Wrap!”

Cake Smash Tea Party

Lilly’s 1st Birthday was a cake smashing hit! This beautiful little bug did so many activities to capture how much fun it is to be numbero uno. We captured moments of playing with bubbles on the bed, balloons in the backyard, a tea party, loving moments with mommy and daddy, and of her first time eatingContinue reading “Cake Smash Tea Party”

Fiesta Baby

  Ava is celebrating her 1st birthday fiesta style.  Her mother, Rebecca, wanted her first born to be proud of her Mexican heritage at an early age.  Ava is festive with her traditional dress and ready to crack open that piñata.  Rebecca and her family are over joyed to have Ava in their lives and celebrate withContinue reading “Fiesta Baby”