A comparison in 1 year – Mini Sessions

Last year I did over 100 family sessions in November, December, and January. I signed up for a marketing deal, sort of like Groupon. They set the price and take half the money of who signs up. After talking to the guy he convinced me that $49 was what all the other photographers have done….

Bliss of an only child

Dear LG Fans, How many of you are an only child…or have an only child? There is one thing I’ve noticed about families with only one child and that is this – they are very well behaved! Seriously though they don’t act up and are more likely to listen to their parents than kids with…

Eye of the Beholder

Dear LG Fans, Many of you experience something completely different than me during my photoshoots. I am experiencing something that I know is a good shoot and my job is to keep my composure and get it done yo. For some of clients, this is not what is going on in reality. In reality their…

Family from Afar

Dear LG Fans, Most of us have family that don’t live near us. In fact, some of experience having family from a State away, across the country, or even overseas! Being away from family can be tough as we have all had experience with this. Getting together is important and sending out those family photos…

Nice People = Loving my Job

Dear LG Fans, When you book a session with people you’ve never met you always hope for the best. With the Bradbury family I got just that and more! This family was so nice to me right away and more importantly, they were nice to each other! I can’t tell you how awkward it is to…

Mountain Boys

Dear LG Fans, There is a lot of concern with how boys will turn into men growing up in the society we live in today. Odds are that if you have awesome parents than this won’t be an issue…ever. These mountain boys seem to have the right look for the mountain men they are aspired to…

Twinsies & Mom

Amy and her twins were so fun to chase around during this session.  Such a great time capturing the love! Thanks for booking! ©Laura Goutcher Photography 2016 Call to schedule a summer session today with your family.


Sister-Sister-Sister…not triples. But twins and a baby sister. So cute, these girls are going to be best friends. Such a beautiful family to photograph. Thanks for booking! ©Laura Goutcher Photography 2016 Contact me to schedule your next family session.

Cutie Pies

The Thurston family is so cute! Those little cutie pies have the cutest little faces! Thanks for booking! ©Laura Goutcher Photography 2016

Napa Valley quick-trip

Napa Valley – one of the most beautiful places on planet Earth, quoted by me.  Also has just a shit ton of vineyards and wine tastings. A day in a half is not enough time to see everything this city of rolling vineyards has to offer.  Especially when 1 of those days is 100 degrees,…

River’s Beach Blast

♥ River at the Ocean for her 1st Birthday Beach Party ♥   ♥ Mommy and Baby – Daddy and Baby – Family   ♥ Friends and Extended Family and the party atmosphere!   ©Laura Goutcher Photography

Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah in the winter of 2015, ringing in the New Year of 2016. You may need to bundle up while viewing these snowy sights. During this trip I wore 4 layers while skiing on the mountain.  No matter how many layers I wore my feet were always frozen.  I did sweat a bit…