Nice People = Loving my Job

Dear LG Fans, When you book a session with people you’ve never met you always hope for the best. With the Bradbury family I got just that and more! This family was so nice to me right away and more importantly, they were nice to each other! I can’t tell you how awkward it is toContinue reading “Nice People = Loving my Job”


Breaking limbs cause neighborhood scare The Oak View Apartments in Westlake Village, Calif., had a shaky scare on Monday, Jan. 26th as a 120ft oak tree branch crashed to the ground.  “At first it sounded like fireworks, or gunshots,” claimed several neighbors in the first stages of the tree branch making its break.  Around 8:30 p.m. theContinue reading “OAK TREE CRASHES DOWN AT WESTLAKE APARTMENTS”