Ewing Gramps

Highlight Video in memory of Rick Ewing.

Sophia’s Buddies together for a cure!

As Team Sophia’s Buddies we are 120 friends and families participating in the 2016 Nautica Malibu Triathlon. Join us in honoring our 6 angels and 3 warriors by spreading awareness and donating much needed funds for childhood cancer research at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Click here to DONATE today: Team Page Sophia’s Buddies

Baby Christening

Parents Mike and Melissa  prepare their first born, Lillian, for her baptism on 8.9.15.  Very special moments throughout the process of getting ready down to the final blessing were captured in this highlight video.  It was an honor to capture this beautiful family on a beautiful day full of love and joy for their new family.

Like a Girl

An inspiring story of a little girl while she fights through a rare childhood cancer with the help of her friend Nemo. The Andrade family shares the struggles they face while trying to keep Sophia, their 3-year-old, a happy child.

Wedding Highlight

This wedding video captures the beauty and love on Alia and Guido’s special day in Ojai, Calif.  The song,”How Can I Tell You” was sang by Alia’s uncle during the ceremony. He sang the same song at Alia’s parents wedding years ago, passing on the tradition and making it a powerful moment in memory of Alia’s father Ed.  The day was filled with love surrounded by wonderful people.

Fundraising event

Local stylist Jennifer Shultz and a local clothing store “Sugar,” teamed up for a fashion show event on Tuesday, Oct. 14, 2014 at Stonehaus restaurant in Westlake Village, Calif.  The fashion show turned into a fundraising event for Batventador endowment (The Child Life Program At CHLA) in honor of Sophia Andrade.  The raffle drawings raised $948.11 for Batventador and continues to spread awareness of childhood cancer.

Music Video

Intro Video for Switzerland Artist DALLAN

Restaurant Promo Video

Blu Orkid Lounge and Bar is featured in a restaurant promotional video.   Please contact Laura Goutcher for creating a unique stylistic video to promote the atmosphere of your restaurant or business today.

9/11 Memorial Video

The attacks in 2001 have affected many families lives, even 13 years later.  The impact this tragedy has put on our nation is only part of the devastation.  Individuals lives were forever changed and will always be reminded every year on Patriot Day.  Memorials around the Untied States help our citizens pay a small tribute to the lives taken on that tragic, unforgettable day.  (All video clips were taken at Pepperdine University in Malibu, Calif. in Sept. 2013)

Time-Lapse Video

My first HDR time-lapse video of places I traveled in 2 months.  From the heart of Arizona to the southern coast of California I captured a few places that caught my eye.

Mining Miami

Developed for distribution of copper, Miami Arizona became known as the copper center of the world in the early 1900’s.  Building stores, restaurants, and schools for the families working in the mines was essential for the growth of the town and strong unity for its community.  Over 100 years since establishment the small mining town is not the same to those who were born and raised there, longing for close relationships within the community.  (Photos taken by ©Laura Goutcher2012.)

Only in Dreams

A story of one person’s worst fear coming to reality.

DOn’t Wake me

Take a minute to think about your dreams and the reality you are in right now. Are you living the life you want to be in?

Pushing Perfection

What is takes to be an olympic athlete can take a lifetime.  For it to be taken away can take 1 second.

From Every Wound There IS A Scar

Tragic accidents can leave the survivors with years of emotions as they fight to stay alive while they cope.  This riveting journey takes place in the mind of one survivor and the abstract world of her grief.

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